Whether you manage an airport

Whether you manage an airport, a metro station, a shopping mall, a hospital, a museum, large complexes or even a stadium; ViWay will be your ideal solution for indoor navigation and digital wayfinding which will guide visitors and entertain them step by step during their indoor navigation and engage with them based on their location with relevant offers until they reach easily to their destination.

ViWay is the fastest and most efficient way to implement regardless of the venue size as it is the smooth indoor navigation with a great positioning precision that could be integrated with our ViQ.

ViWay transform your building into an interactive digital floor maps with effective search and guiding tools to help visitors find their way indoors.

Engage with your customers on the go indoors and outdoors with offers, loyalty programs, and giveaways so that you don’t miss a chance to surprise them Track assets and staff real time and manage your resources efficiently. You can monitor, set alerts, and response to incidents. ...