Distraction program for Smart Medication

Virtual reality (VR) is quickly transforming the healthcare industry, changing the way patients and doctors receive and give care

Studies finds Virtual Reality (VR) can help reduce severe pain. Researchers gave patients VR devices to see if it could help make them more comfortable. VR can help distract people from their pain. When people are engaged in an immersive experience, they begin to tune out other stimuli, including their body’s pain signalsv New research from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (LA) supports the growing belief that therapeutic VR can safely and effectively reduce severe pain in hospitalized patients. When patients with moderate to severe pain used VR headsets, they had a notable drop in their perceived pain.

While the exact reasons why VR headsets reduce pain signals is unknown, many experts believe VR distracts people from pain by immersing them in another experience.
Hence the idea comes to Villustra to launch ViDistra to distract the attention of the patients from the actual reality to a virtual one.
ViDistra is designed to match head size and based on patient age & his gender during vaccination or at dentist or even during any therapy to distract the patient attention and make him forget his reality.